Established in 1995, PT Induksarana Kemasindo has been
committed to offer reliable service in secondary and primary packaging
for the food & pharmaceutical industry. We received ISO 9001 – 2000 certification
in Agustus 2008, and In 2010 upgrade to ISO 9001 – 2008. By 2011, we have expanded our bussines by setting up a Paper Cup division , under the brand name PAPERCUPKU to support Quick Service Restaurant customers. With exceptional quality in mind, our operations have always been in accordance to the GMP and HACCP standard. We are focusing on hygiene, neatness and precision. A good track record of services to key players in the food industry and restaurant will surely demonstrate that PAPERCUPKU is able to exceed expectations by being reliable, effective and professional.


To provide the best service to our customers in return for their trust and partnership, with integrity, truthfulness and utmost gratitude. 
To deliver first class quality printing and packaging solutions for pharmaceutical and consumer products, provided to our customers through timely delivery, competitive pricing outstanding adaptability to each customer's unique needs, and updated information on the latest packaging solutions developments, in order to contribute to our customers growth and success.


T Tanggung Jawab (Responsibility)
I Integritas (Integrity)
U Unggul (Excellence)
R Rendah Hati (Humility)
I Inovatif (Innovative)


We produce papercup in various types to suit your multiple needs. For most sizes of cup there is a choice of different cupboard qualities. We can produce plain, generic design, and custom printed. Printing is done according to the customer design.
Printing Options :
• Your own design from a minimum of just 20,000 pieces.
• Up to 8 colours in flexoprint.


This conventional standard hot cups are provided in variation of sizes and with different paper 
gramature. This type could be a  cost effective way of carrying hot drinks. Single wall hot cups also can be custom printed.
Printing : all Inks used are suitable for food packaging


This type of papercup is using double PE coated
paper, with a matt inside and a glossy outside,
allowing it to withstand the effect of ice and condensation.
Material : 210 to 300 gsm

Sizes :
4 oz             2000 pcs / box
6.5 oz          2000 pcs / box
9 oz             1000 pcs / box
12 oz           1000 pcs / box
12 oz short  1000 pcs / box
16 oz           1000 pcs / box
22 oz           1000 pcs / box

This type of papercup are designed to contain
cold product like ice cream or salad. 
The material is double PE coated paper.
Material : 210 to 260 gsm

Sizes : 
4 oz 1000 pcs / box
5 oz 1000 pcs / box


This size of papercup is convenient for soup cup or bowl, the material used is either single or double PE coated paper. Material : 250 to 330 gsm
Sizes : 

650ml  500pcs/box

800ml  500pcs/box


In recent years, quick-serve have becoming trend, where worked to make food and food containers more portable and convenient. As restaurants and retailers continue to add pre-made offerings, packaging becomes critical. And even In a business dominated by delivery and carryout, the importance of the box can not be understated. We provide food trays, paper wraps, and lunch boxes (take away box) for your packaging solutions. It gives the customer the chance to present their products in a nice way and to make their brand visible to people


We Save the Children
We are committed to fulfill the social responsibility and continue to contribute to the development
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Alu Cup
The AluCup is produced of SPE papercup material laminated with Alu 7 micron and LLDPE
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